Installation Guide

Model 250/258



Finding the Ideal Location: Locate the Power Unit in an area where it is protected from freezing. Before installation, assure that there is sufficient height 84" (2.1m), electrical power (2 x 20 amp. [15 amp. CDN.] 120 VAC), hot and cold water as well as a sanitary drain. Allow access to service and change debris screen.

Install Location of Aqua Air System

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Mounting Board:  (included in shipping box) should be firmly attached to the wall. Power Head may be mounted adjacent to Separation Tank or at another convenient location. To mount side by side, from the top center of the Mounting Boards allow 24” (610 mm) between boards, 10" (260 mm) from the ceiling on the Power Unit and 1” (2.5 mm) on the separator tank, 18" (460mm) on each side and 67" (1450mm) down to the drain.


Mounting Board

Exhaust: The Exhaust Air should be sent through the metal end of the 45-degree elbow (included) and directed towards the back into the upper motor exhaust. Use a 90-degree street ell and muffler either up or down. Insert the metal end of the 90-degree elbow (included) into the lower motor exhaust. Attach muffler and vent to the outside using as direct a route as possible.

Drain to Sanitary Sewer: The Power Unit should be drained into a 2" DWV Stand Pipe connected via a P-trap to the sanitary sewer. Using Teflon tape or sealant on threads, thread the 1-1/2" ABS adapter into the bottom of the Power Unit. (Do Not Over Tighten)

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Mount the FLAPPER (check) VALVE: at a 45-degree angle toward the wall using the 1-1/2” 45 degree spigot elbow provided. Connect via another 1-1/2” 45 degree elbow to a 12" (300mm) piece of 1-1/2" DWV pipe extending down inside the 2"DWV Stand Pipe. Allow the Waste Tank to drop 6" (150mm) to service waste tank debris screen.


WATER SPRAY SOLENOID: (Located on left side of Power Unit) Connect from cold water faucet to the bottom hose barb on the solenoid using fittings and 1/4"ID Water Hose supplied. Run hose from the top of the solenoid to the inlet of the back-flow preventer on the separation tank mounting board. Connect backflow outlet to hose barb on the Separation tank inlet.

ADJUSTING the WATER SPRAY: The Volume of Cold Water sprayed into the Waste tank can be adjusted by the turning the handle of the needle valve located below the Solenoid clockwise to decrease flow. By lowering the waste tank and starting the Power Unit the flow can be metered by placing a 4 cup (1 l.) measure under the cone to catch the water. Adjust to receive 9 cups (2 l.) per minute.